Australia  12th/13th November 2011


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The Yoga Aid Challenger


AUD $1,533.00
AUD $250.00

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid Australian Challenge
Date: 12th/13th November 2011
Location: Perth
Description: The Yoga Aid Australian Challenge


Please support me in this wonderful Challenge. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete a 2 hour Yoga practice whilst also supporting great causes. The charity I am supporting is one of these great causes. Please support me by making a donation to this great cause and help me to make a difference with this Challenge. 

Donation Activity

bruce mcleod Nov 14 AUD $100.00     

thank you so much ! What a great cause, thinking I could convince the dance worx girls in this direction Chris ??

Jane Willis Nov 13 AUD $108.00 you're amazing!    

Jane just to tell you That I reckon I earned every dollar .. that HURT !

Anonymous Nov 13 AUD $250.00     
Travers Family Nov 11 AUD $1,000.00 Hope its a great class! =)    

you are such an amazing family, thank you so much .. its been lovely getting to know you guys xxxxxxxxxx

wendy Nov 10 AUD $50.00     
Anonymous Nov 10 AUD $25.00 goooo wendy :)    

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only Bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name wendy wesson
Sex Female
Country Australia
About Me  

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