USA  September 9, 2012


What is | the Yoga Aid World Challenge 2012?

On September 9th, The Yoga Aid World Challenge will kick off in Australia and “follow the sun” to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Kenya, England, South Africa, Canada, and ending in the US. MC Yogi will perform at both the Opening Event in Sydney and the Closing Event in Los Angeles.

This is the first-ever, one day, around the world yoga tour, and yogis from all over are invited to join. Each event will be about 2 hours and feature the premier teachers in your community.  At a number of our larger events, some of the most internationally renowned and influential yogis will lead the Challenge. Teachers who were involved in past year’s Yoga Aid Challenges include: Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Baron Baptiste, Duncan Wong, Ana Forrest and MC Yogi, amongst many others.

The Yoga Aid World Challenge is seeking to raise $1 million USD for charities around the world. For those looking to participate, attendance is free. We ask that you fundraise for a chosen charity leading up to and a month after the event. By extending your muscles and amplifying your inner peace, you are helping build stronger communities that have a foundation in giving.

Get involved | Community Ambassadors

We need your help! Take tranquility into your own hands and spread it through your community by becoming a Community Ambassador and hosting an event in your area. It is through our Community Ambassadors that this is all possible. Those who are inspired by our message and embrace it as their personal mission will help us raise enough money to reach our goal.

By organizing, hosting, and promoting hundreds of events worldwide, you allow this to be a truly global event. We provide you with all the support you need.

Have a look at what some of our 2011 Community Ambassadors have to say about their experience:

“The hardest part about being a Community Ambassador was making the decision to sign up. Yoga Aid provided all the tools and support I needed to organize and promote a successful event. The experience was more empowering and fulfilling than I ever imagined!”- Jesse D., Canada

“What an amazing experience! Being a Yoga Aid Community Ambassador was not only rewarding, but really fun! I can’t wait to organize next year’s challenge!”- Cheryl P., USA

If you want to take the metaphorical bull by the horns and become a Community Ambassador for your region, email us at

Who we are | Yoga Aid

Yoga Aid began in 2006 with knowledge so beautifully summed up in MC Yogi’s words: “When we live to give love, there is no greater feeling”. Two yoga enthusiasts, Clive and Eriko, set out to put their yoga practice into action by creating the Yoga Aid Challenge, an international fundraising event with the dual purpose of raising funds for charity and sharing the wonderful joys of yoga. Since the first Yoga Aid Challenge, The Yoga Aid events have raised over $1.2 Million for charities throughout the world.

As they entered 2012, Clive and Eriko decided to expand the reach of The Yoga Aid. Their plan came to fruition in the form of The Yoga Aid World Challenge: a challenge uniting yogis around the world in an effort to raise $1 million for charity. It is an ambitious goal, but one that is achievable with your help!

What is | Giving4Living

The real people behind Yoga Aid have always been the individuals who have made this message their own - the 10,000+ yogis who have participated in a Yoga Aid Challenge, the community ambassadors who have made these events possible in more than 250 locations around the world, the teams of volunteers who have made themselves available wherever there has been a need for them and of course, the donors who have been instrumental in raising much needed funds for charity. We call this giving philosophy “Giving4Living”.

How we | raise funds

Yoga Aid has developed an online fundraising vehicle hosted on this website, which is easy to use, secure, and ensures 100% of donations go straight to charity. All expenses are supported privately: Yoga Aid takes no deductions from any donations for internal administration or production of the events.

In the spirit of using the local to change the global, the charity partners we support are regionally specific, and are often smaller, community driven projects. Click on the Charities tab to find out who we are supporting this year.

Contact us

For more information on Yoga Aid or Yoga Aid World Challenge, contact us at: Give Love!