South Africa  September 9, 2012

South Africa

Community Ambassadors

20+ countries. 200 events. 20,000+ yogis. Help us raise $1 million for charities around the world.

16 small words sum up the huge mission of The Yoga Aid World Challenge. It is an ambitious goal, but one that is achievable with your help!

The "Yoga Relay" will begin in Sydney, travel around the globe through 20+ countries, and end at sundown in Los Angeles. Our goal is to raise over $1 Million dollars for charity.

Currently, we have events confirmed in Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, India, Kenya, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Samoa, Canada, and the US. We would like to further expand our reach into as many new countries and communities as possible.

Help us bring the Yoga Aid World Challenge to your community!

Our goal is to have over 200 Community Ambassador events held around the world on September 9, 2012. By organizing, hosting, and promoting hundreds of events worldwide, this will make the Yoga Aid World Challenge 2012 a truly global event.

Yoga Aid will support you in every step of the process- planning, promoting, recruiting, and putting on the actual event. We will promote your event on the Yoga Aid World Challenge website and include details about your Challenge as well as a link for attendees to sign-up to fundraise for your event. We can assist you by providing marketing materials for your event, including posters with your event details for you to print and place in your community. In most cases we will also pay venue hire and other related expenses. This can be discussed in detail once you have made contact with us.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Ambassador, contact us. Please note:

1. Due to the time frame for organising new events, all events confirmed after July 15 must take place in an existing yoga studio. To host your event in an outdoor location or another community space, please check back with us from November to begin planning for Yoga Aid World Challenges 2013.

2. Due to time frame for confirming new charity partners, we are no longer accepting applications for charities. All events confirmed after August 1 will be for the benefit of existing charity partners. Please see the charity section of this website for further information.

Thank you for helping us unite the world through the joy of yoga. With your help, we will achieve our goal of reaching $1 million for charities around the world.


"Planning a Yoga Aid event is transforming. As an ambassador, it is a privilege to bring several area yoga teachers together as one. It's all about being of service, connecting, sharing, and giving love to the love - YOGA! - Gina Garcia, Yoga Across America
Sacramento, CA
“Serving as a Yoga Aid Ambassador is an incredible experience. I love the way this event brings together the entire yoga community and provides an empowering purpose for us to connect and work together. Connection is the cure.” - Terri Cooper, 305 Yoga
Miami, FL USA