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Africa Yoga Project
$393.00 US
$2,500.00 US

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Type: Yoga Aid US Challenge
Date: 1st/2nd October, 2011
Team Riverstone Gives Back!
Location: Sacramento, CA
Description: Yoga Aid US Challenge across America


The Northern California Riverstone Team is at it again! This time we are fundraising to support children in Africa with AIDS and hoping to give them a better cahnce at survival. We may be able to only do a little, but we are going to do as much as we can! Please join us in supporting this wonderful cause. Tomorrow October 1st, Lisa Whitesides, Laine Gomez, Tarna Sadler, Cathy Coupar and AnnMarie Hontz will be completing this 2 hour Yoga Challenge to show our support and to say thanks for your donation. Even if only $1, please show us the love and support with your donation. Of course, feel free to come along too!! The Charity we are fundraising for is called the Africa Yoga Project. Please helps us make a difference!! 

Donation Activity

Stephanie Salameh Oct 04 $10.00 US     
Janine Schwartz Oct 02 $25.00 US Flip your dogs and have fun. From element property services.    
Anonymous Oct 02 $108.00 US     
Gary Whitesides Oct 02 $100.00 US     
Gregory Spezzano Oct 01 $25.00 US Team Riverstone... stretch it out... have fun!    
William Beverly Oct 01 $50.00 US     
Chris Luna Oct 01 $25.00 US Thanks!! From Apartment Guide    
Mark Edwards Oct 01 $50.00 US Good luck from your friends @ C & R Landscape!!     

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Name Northern California Riverstone
Sex Female
Country USA
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