UK  September 12th 2010


Lou Kitchener

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The Yoga Aid Challenger


The Prison Phoenix Trust

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid United Kingdom
Date: September 12th 2010
Team Norwich leaders
Location: Norwich
Description: Charity Yoga Event lead by 12 Leaders


Please support me in this wonderful Challenge. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete a 2 hour extreme Yoga practice whilst also supporting great causes. The charity I am supporting is one of these great causes. Please support me by making a donation to this great cause and help me to make a difference with this Challenge. 

Donation Activity

Lydia Martin Sep 11 £5.00 xxxxxxxx    
Kate Willis Aug 12 £10.00 Love, light and good sun-filled vibrations to you Lou! xxx    

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Lou Kitchener
Sex Female
Country UK
About Me  
Obviously I love yoga. I also love hula hooping and swing dancing and playing. I’m very excited about little Norwich being involved – please support the Yoga Aid Norwich Challenge.

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Total Raised £1,548.00

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