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Type: Yoga Aid World Challenge UK
Date: September 9, 2012
Team Devi Lewis
Location: Chorley
Description: 20+ countries, 200+ events, 20,000+ Yogis. Help us raise $1 million for charities around the world.


Please support my fundraising efforts for The Yoga Aid World Challenge. I have selected the charity listed below to receive 100% of the funds I raise. Every dollar you can give will make a real difference! It will also inspire others to give too! Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and kindness! 

Donation Activity

Sanjay Vaja Sep 26 £10.00 Hope it went well! Take care, Sanjay    
Anonymous Sep 10 £10.00 This Donation is dedicated to my 4 grandchildren,Myah, Rahul, Niam & Ashan from Manjuben Maganbhai Patel.    
Anonymous Sep 10 £20.00 From Wallybhai Maganlal Taior & Family    
Anonymous Sep 08 £5.00 sorry the below donation I have mispelted names, so its £5 from Simon Herrity & £5 from Gareth Prictchard, Thanks you to all from CPPLC, LOVE PEACE & HAPPINESS     
Anonymous Sep 08 £5.00 Fron Simon Prictchard    
Anonymous Sep 08 £5.00 From Andrew Clarke    
Priya Narsai-Punam Sep 08 £25.25 Good luck Linky this donation is dedicated to Khandubhai Patel Sundips Dad who we miss dearly om shanti xx     
Marjorie Price Sep 07 £5.00 Good Luck Leena help keep mother Ganga clean! Hugs Marjorie x     
Anonymous Sep 06 £20.00 From Mary and Don Latham Devon x    
Anonymous Sep 05 £5.00 from Craig Jones    
Anonymous Sep 05 £40.00 Hare Krishna!! From Niruben Narsai (Leena's Mum) sai ram, Love to Mother Ganga    
Leena Narsai Sep 05 £5.00 From Ramesh bhai & Damuben Mistry (465)    
Alice Parker Sep 03 £10.00 Enjoy it Leena, let me know how you get on. All the best Love Team Parker x x x x x    
DARSHNA DHOKIA Sep 02 £25.00 Good Luck Leena! I was in Varanasi, Rishkesh and Haridwar in March this year and the work going into keeping her, the ghats and communities clean and pollution free really does need to continue x     
Jamie Stanyard Aug 15 £10.00 Best of luck...I bet you'll be completely bendy and flexuble by the end of itx    
Sylvia Ho Aug 01 £10.00 I don't usually do this but the cause is too good I had to donate something! Best of luck with the Yoga Marathon! x    

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Leena Narsai-Latham
Sex Female
Country UK
About Me  
Artist/Designer for the Love of World Peace

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Total Raised £6,737.00

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