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Katie Jehenson

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Off the Mat

$1,250.00 US
$750.00 US

Event Details

Type: Wanderlust Yoga Aid Challenge
Date: May to August 2011
Location: Wanderlust Vermont
Description: Wanderlust Festival is all about exploring the connections between yoga, music, and natural beauty. The Yoga Aid Challenge at Wanderlust is a great example of this with Michael Franti and Sean Corne leading the 2 hour practise for our charity partner Off


I am supporting Off The Mat, Into The World's ® (OTM) mission of empowering individuals to transform their lives and their communities through the power of yoga by participating in the Wanderlust Yoga Aid Challenge, a special yoga class. If you sponsor my participation in this event Yoga Aid will donate 100% of the funds you provide to OTM. Please support me in my quest to make the world a better place! 

Donation Activity

Anonymous Jun 15 $400.00 US     
Cathay Rayhill Jun 07 $50.00 US glad I can help    
Joy Wheeler Jun 03 $50.00 US Great job Katie!    

Thanks Joy!

Anonymous Jun 02 $42.00 US Way to go Katie!!    
Danielle Michaan May 20 $50.00 US     
Christine Hunsicker May 20 $50.00 US     
Isabelle Olson May 19 $25.00 US Happy to help you get a little closer to your goal :)    
Susan Hannah May 19 $25.00 US what a great effort... good luck!    

Thank you Susan! I greatly appreciate the support and hope to have a photo to share after the event.

Jan Lindemann May 19 $25.00 US I am so proud of you!    
Yvonne Jehenson May 18 $50.00 US Go for it, lovely Katie, and warm regards, Yvonne    
Linden Schaffer May 16 $25.00 US I'll be there to take pictures! - Linden (& Fed)    
Karen Delfau May 13 $200.00 US     
Brette Popper May 12 $50.00 US Here you go...a little closer to your goal. Like the pic....Love, Brette    

Thanks Brette! I figured a yoga picture was a good fit ;) xo

Mitch Attas May 12 $50.00 US     

Thank you Mitch! I really appreciate the support.

Roger Jehenson May 12 $108.00 US     
Alison West May 12 $25.00 US     

Thank you Alison! I really appreciate the support. xo

Angie Wassenmiller May 11 $25.00 US Have fun!    

Thanks so much Angie!

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Name Katie Jehenson
Sex Female
Country Wanderlust
About Me  

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