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Jennifer Hiscocks

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AUD $533.00
AUD $500.00

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid World Challenge Australia
Date: September 9, 2012
Location: Coolangatta
Description: 20+ countries, 200+ events, 20,000+ Yogis. Help us raise $1 million for charities around the world.


Let's give these children the best possible start in life and teach them to believe in themselves. I am raising money for the Barnardos Children Foundation for this years Yoga Aid World Challenge. Please support my fundraising efforts and together we will make a real difference, inspire others and spread kindness! Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and belief! 

Donation Activity

Darb Munro Sep 08 AUD $25.00     

Yay! Thank you Darb, awesome : )

Thomas Sep 08 AUD $108.00 Hope tomorrow goes well, will be thinking of you. Have fun : )    

Thanks Tom! Your donation will make a huge difference to support children in need. I appreciate your generosity! : )

Kylie Tocco Sep 08 AUD $10.00 Go Jen!     

Yesss!!! Thank you Kyls : )

Kelly Ballard Sep 08 AUD $20.00 Good luck Jen! You're an inspiration to many    

Yay Kel! Thank you very much for your generous donation. It is going to make a difference to children who need love and support!

Emily Sep 07 AUD $10.00     

Emily you are a amazing : ) Thank you for helping me support this wonderful cause! ~*~

Michelle Sep 07 AUD $25.00 Good luck xxxx    

Thank you for your generous donation Michelle!

Lesa Lambert Sep 07 AUD $10.00 Great job honey! Hope the weathers fine!    

Yay! Thank you Lesa!

Trish Ballard Sep 06 AUD $25.00 Good Luck Jen - enjoy and have fun!    

Thank you Aunty Trish for your generous donation!

Cheryl Ryan Sep 03 AUD $20.00 Enjoy your Yoga Challenge Jen! I am sure you will do great!    

Thank You! I hope to do these donations justice on the day! I appreciate your support xo

james carlopio Aug 29 AUD $50.00 Happiness, health and a good cause as well!    

Wow! Thank you for your generous donation James! I appreciate the support : ) xo

Natalie Howard Aug 29 AUD $10.00     

Thank you Nat! : ) I appreciate your donation, it will help support a wonderful cause!! Xo

Kevin Ryan Aug 29 AUD $50.00 GO SIS!!!! :D    

Wahoo! Thanks Kev :) Your donation will make a huge difference in supporting children who need love and care!

Alicia Aug 23 AUD $25.00 Make sure you do a Salute for me, wish I could be there with you!    

You are the best Yogi Alicia, thank you for your generous donation! ~*~

Sarah Puckey Aug 09 AUD $10.00 Yay Jen - Your amazing!    

Thank you for your support Sarah : ) Woooo!!

Maria Negrepontis Aug 07 AUD $25.00 All the best Jen the fairy!    

Thank you Maria! YOU ROCK : ) XO

jane taylor Aug 07 AUD $50.00 Dennis told me about your goal. Hope this helps you to get there.    

Thank you very much Jane! Wow what a generous donation! It is going to make a big difference. : )

Thomas Watson Aug 06 AUD $10.00 Hi Jenny, Good luck!    

Your the best Thomas! Thank you for your donation : ) XO

Barbara and Dennis Ryan Aug 05 AUD $50.00 Hi Jen, here is a donation for your challenge. We are sure others will join in supporting you. Lots of love, Auntie Barbara and Uncle Dennis    

Wow thank you Dennis + Barbara for your generous donation, it will be supporting a wonderful cause. It is greatly appreciated! XOXO

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Name Jennifer Hiscocks
Sex Female
Country Australia
About Me  

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