USA  September 18-19th 2010


Jeffrey Duval

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Africa Yoga Project
$330.00 US
$250.00 US

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid United States
Date: September 18-19th 2010
Location: New York City, NY
Description: Charity Yoga Event lead by 12 Leaders


Please support me in this wonderful Challenge. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete a 2 hour extreme Yoga practice whilst also supporting great causes. The charity I am supporting is one of these great causes. Please support me by making a donation to this great cause and help me to make a difference with this Challenge. 

Donation Activity

Derek Walls Sep 20 $25.00 US     
Jeffrey Duval Sep 19 $72.00 US Thanks Mom and David for your helping me reach my goal!!! i love you    
Dorrie Burke Sep 19 $50.00 US Great job Jeffrey... make the goal... bring meaningful body love, discipline and peace to the world!    
lauren hanna Sep 15 $108.00 US Thanks for Representing Sonic NYC XO    
Ramon Tejada Sep 10 $25.00 US Yo go yoga man!!!    
Joshua Goodman Sep 09 $50.00 US     

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Jeffrey Duval
Sex Male
Country USA
About Me  
Jeffrey Duval's inspiration comes from his dedication and devotion to movement as the divine and direct dance of the Universe flowing inside you. Unwavering Love and Thanks to Shiva for awakening the teacher, and to the Prana Flow Tribe! Namaste. Originally from North Dakota, Jeffrey experienced his first yoga class while earning his BFA at the University of Minnesota in Minnneapolis. Jeffrey started teaching yoga while completing his MFA in Dance at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Jeffrey discovered Sonic Yoga, NYC and wonderful mentor Lauren Hanna who taught amazing classes inspired by Shiva Rea. Jeffrey teaches inspired Prana Flow classes and workshops at Sonic Yoga and is on the teacher training staff, teaches at Columbia University, and private clients, and has blissfully assisted Shiva Rea at Kripalu, Omega, and Yoga Journal Conference NYC. Jeffrey also hosts a monthly Yoga Trance Dance. Unwavering Love and Thanks to Shiva for awakening the teacher, and to the Prana Flow Tribe! Know deep in your heart, there is no "I" from the outside looking in.

Top Fundraisers

Terri Cooper $5,176.00 US
Gina Garcia $3,761.00 US
Richard Sherman $2,183.00 US
Paige Elenson $2,062.00 US
Sharon Wells $1,791.00 US
Tiffany Wood $1,700.00 US
Amy Greaves $1,508.00 US
Elizabeth Corley $1,404.00 US
Om'echaye Wellness and Fitness Center $1,229.00 US
tiffany guttenplan $1,185.00 US
Amandine Love Lerner $1,121.00 US
April Pullo $1,082.00 US
Total Raised $95,013.00 US

Top Teams

305 Spiritual Gangsters $7,779.00 US
Yoga in the Park - for Africa Yoga Project $7,567.00 US
Prana Yoga Miami $2,950.00 US
AYP Yogis $2,733.00 US
Just Breathe Yoga $2,517.00 US
Miami Yogashala $2,317.00 US
Dancing Mind Yoga $2,197.00 US
Blue Moon Yoga and Fitness $2,125.00 US
Om'echaye $2,035.00 US
Salt Lake City Leaders $1,993.00 US
Yoga On Chocolate $1,886.00 US
Team Skanda $1,733.00 US