Japan  29th April 2012


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A Dream a Day in Tokyo ホスピタリティ・ゲストハウス


Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid Japan Challenge
Date: 29th April 2012
Location: Tokyo, Roppongi Midtown
Description: Yoga Aid Japan Challenge


Please support me in this wonderful Challenge. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete a 2 hour Yoga practice whilst also supporting great causes. The charity I am supporting is one of these great causes. Please support me by making a donation to this great cause and help me to make a difference with this Challenge. 

Donation Activity

kido mayuko Apr 29 ¥1,000 I am really proud of you my amazing master!!! XOXOXO Mayuko    

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Duncan Wong
Sex Male
Country Japan
Website http://www.yogicarts.com/
About Me  
Growing up with backyard martial arts and the realness of street fighting in the rural delta region of Northern California, juxtaposed with the influence of my grandfather’s Gung-Fu practice and incense burning rituals, and formal dojang [Korean martial arts school] training; with my Buddhist master, in San Francisco’s Chinatown and Japan Town, I was never a stranger to the intuitive reflexes and highs associated with physicality. These early memories and experiences led me to my own life-long pursuit of the dynamic practices of Astanga Vinyasa [eight limbs of flowing motion] yoga and Kuk Sool Won [traditional Korean Buddhist] martial arts. Forming such a foundation in my youth and teenage years, I practiced the way of the sword, and You Won Hwa [flowing circular harmony] while perfecting my asanas [postural stances] and ‘floating’ [advanced aerial arm balancing] techniques. I learned the art of the dual-edged path, cultivating both disciplines simultaneously throughout my twenties. My travels expanded with my interests, which took me across the Asian landscapes of China and India. I sought out great beings of knowledge, honing my skills and awareness, which eventually exposed me to the art of Thai massage [active yoga massage] and other healing methods. Integrating this form of sacred touch was the necessary element that supported the development of the Yogic Arts™ system into its current form, which is the ongoing expression of my life’s work. This practice will introduce all physical enthusiasts to the awareness and conditioning of their bandhas [core muscular areas of the pelvic floor, inner thighs and the abdominal trunk of the transverse abdominus]. Utilizing movement from this central location in the body ‘ups the game’ for people desiring to enhance and eventually master their ability to ‘not tear the rice-paper’, or wear out their bodies when practicing ‘jump-backs’ and ‘jump-throughs’ during time spent on the mat. -Duncan Wong is the creator of the Yogic Arts™ system. His practice spans over 20 years and his teachings extend across the globe.

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