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Cheryl Kemp

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Africa Yoga Project
$626.00 US
$500.00 US

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid World Challenge USA
Date: September 9, 2012
Team Move Your Hyde
Location: OH- Cincinnati
Description: 20+ countries, 200+ events, 20,000+ Yogis. Help us raise $1 million for charities around the world.


Please support my fundraising efforts for The Yoga Aid World Challenge. I am a Yoga Aid Ambassador for Cincinnati. Our big event will be at Ault Park on September 9th at 2pm. We have some smaller fundraising events leading up to September, check for details. I have selected Africa Yoga Project to receive 100% of the funds I raise. Every dollar you can give will make a real difference! It will also inspire others to give too! Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and kindness! Africa Yoga Project information, copyright 2012 Africa Yoga Project: ●Africa Yoga Project uses the transformative power of Baptiste Yoga to empower communities and change lives in East Africa and globally. ●Based in Nairobi, Kenya. ●Paige Elenson, Executive Director and Senior Baptiste teacher, co- founded Africa Yoga Project with Baron Baptiste in 2007. ●Paige’s courage and drive to start Africa Yoga Project was heavily influenced from her involvement in the Baptiste community a 

Donation Activity

Cash Donation Sep 11 $20.00 US Susan Waimin    
Cash Donation Sep 11 $10.00 US Suzane Rench    
Cheryl Kemp Sep 10 $108.00 US Thanks so much for teaching today at the Yoga Aid Cincinnati event. This is a portions of the cash donations today. They have to be converted to online donations so I am spreading it around to the event teachers and volunteer group. You can keep collecting until the end of the month. Namaste :)    
Teresa Cornetet Sep 09 $50.00 US Yoga Barbie!!!!    

TERRI!!!! Thanks so much. You were part of an amazing thing with this donation. Cincinnati totally represented with over $3500 raised our first year!

Jennifer Klekamp Sep 08 $25.00 US Namaste!    

Thanks so much Jennifer! Namaste to you too :)

Cheryl Kemp Sep 07 $20.00 US Thanks to my lovely student Ruth.    
Cheryl Kemp Aug 31 $45.00 US Thanks to the beautiful Jessica Storms for donating to AYP after class tonight. We'll miss her while she is out of town at Baptiste training on September 9 but she'll be with us in spirit!    
Cheryl Kemp Aug 03 $20.00 US Thanks to Robert who came to my class tonight at Move Your Hyde and donated to AYP!    
Sheila Schnellenberger Aug 01 $50.00 US Go Seester! Love, Sheila    

You're the best seester! Thanks for the contribution. I really appreciate it.

Cheryl Kemp Jul 30 $253.00 US Money raised at the Africa Yoga Project Screening and Donations Practice at Move Your Hyde Power Yoga on 7/29/12. Thanks to all who participated and donated!    
Anonymous Jul 10 $25.00 US     

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Name Cheryl Kemp
Sex Female
Country USA
About Me  
Cheryl Kemp took her first yoga class in 1998. She felt an immediate connection to yoga and began practicing regularly, experimenting with different styles. In 2009 she she found Baptiste style power vinyasa yoga and knew she finally found a practice that spoke to her on every level. The benefit she experienced from Baptiste yoga was so strong she knew it was time to share her love of yoga which led her to begin training with Baron Baptiste in 2010. A lifetime of athletics and the pursuit of personal health and wellness leads Cheryl to continually study yoga along with injury prevention and treatment, physical training techniques, nutrition, ayurveda, meditation and multiple alternative therapies.

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