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Channing Rollo

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Yoga Gangsters
$3,952.00 US
$3,500.00 US

Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid World Challenge USA
Date: September 9, 2012
Team Brickell Hot Yoga
Location: FL- South Florida
Description: 20+ countries, 200+ events, 20,000+ Yogis. Help us raise $1 million for charities around the world.


Please support my fundraising efforts for The Yoga Aid World Challenge. I have selected Yoga Gangsters to receive 100% of the funds I raise. Yoga Gangsters is a Miami-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers at-risk and in-crisis youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty through the practice of yoga. Earlier this year, I became a certified Yoga Gangster, and I wholeheartedly support their life-changing work.  

Donation Activity

Eliecer Viamontes Sep 22 $25.00 US Hi Channing! Many blessings to you for all of the lives you will touch thru this organization.    
Diana Pinto Sep 09 $50.00 US You are my soul sister and you inspire me every single day with your beauty, selflessness and incredible passion for helping others!!!!     
rachael straub Sep 09 $50.00 US i want you #1 :)    
Frederic Busch Sep 09 $108.00 US     
TIMOTHY CLO Sep 08 $25.00 US Blessings!!    
Kathryn Brown Sep 07 $25.00 US     
William Giannone Sep 07 $10.80 US Good Job Channing    
Pilar Moscoso Sep 07 $108.00 US Channing you are a great inspiration. I am honored to support your cause, Pilar     
Harry Fouke Sep 07 $50.00 US     
Chris Sugg Sep 07 $194.00 US You are an amazing person inside and out    
Josue Santiago Sep 07 $50.00 US You're an amazing person and the fact that you always find time to give back makes your inner light shine so much brighter! In less articulate words: "YOU GO GIRL!"    
Nicole Benvenuto Sep 06 $25.00 US A beautiful practice for a beautiful cause! Namaste, my friend.    
Meredith Rollo Sep 06 $108.00 US You inspire me everyday sister and best friend! Much love!! xoxo    
Richard DiRado Sep 06 $50.00 US Good luck Channing!     
Amanda Henderson Sep 06 $108.00 US You have always been an inspiration in my life and you're living the life that I could only hope that I would be living if I didn't have my precious babies...Rock on! LOVE YOU!    
Bill Haynes Sep 06 $50.00 US Good luck Channing!    
Andrea Moscoso Sep 06 $25.00 US 108 Sun got this!! Go get it girl. I love you!    
Lacey Nelson Sep 06 $27.00 US     
Channing Rollo Sep 06 $50.00 US Cash donation from Don Hammalian. Thank you!     
Jarret Izzo Sep 06 $50.00 US namaste!    
Ruben Acosta Sep 06 $50.00 US Buena suerte!     
Albert Fraga, Jr Sep 06 $108.00 US "...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Phil 4:8 God bless you my friend...Bud     
Ahmad Ababneh Sep 06 $25.00 US Good Cause and good luck...    
soo kim loftus Sep 06 $50.00 US way to go channing!    
Ellen Fleming Sep 06 $30.00 US Channing, you never cease to amaze me. Such grace and truly inspiring.     
Stephanie Eberline Sep 06 $25.00 US Strike a pose for me :)    
Anonymous Sep 05 $10.80 US Good Luck Channing    
russell hartstein Sep 05 $10.00 US good luck Channing!     

Thanks for your donation, surfing/doggie guru! :)

Kyle Kosovich Sep 04 $25.00 US Good luck little lady! Those salutations look serious. :)     

Many thanks, Kyle! They are serious ... seriously fun! :)

Charles Clifton Sep 04 $50.00 US Keep up the good work! Hugs, Chipper    

Thanks for your support, Chipper! ♥

William Shine Sep 04 $25.00 US "Stand at the crossroads and look, ask where the good way is and walk in it...and there you shall find rest for your soul"    

Thank you, Bill! "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." ― Rumi

David Anderson Sep 01 $50.00 US Go Channing!     

Thank you, Super Frog! Hugs to you and yours.

Jeff Stoffa Aug 31 $50.00 US Perhaps    

Muchas gracias, GringoCubano. Quizás, quizás, quizás.

Bradford Goar Aug 31 $50.00 US I love that you are doing this. Since Sept 9th, is my birthday, will you great the sun once for me? Cheers! Brad    

Birthday boy, I will salute the sun many times for you on Sunday! Thank you for your kindness.

michael napoles Aug 30 $25.00 US Keep up the amazing work Channing! Always happy to help people that are helping other people!    

Thank you, Magic Mike! I appreciate your support and all the KARMA love!

Channing Rollo Aug 29 $10.00 US Cash donation from Warren Fitch. Thank you!     
Michelle Joyce Aug 29 $10.80 US Namaste Channing! XO, MJ    

Namaste and thank you, Michelle! ♥

matt geerdes Aug 29 $50.00 US Hi Channing, very nice to hear from you. Congratulations becoming a Yoga Gangster! Peace and Love - Matt    

Thank you, my Costa Rica yoga bud! Peace and love back at'cha.

Philip Nunes Aug 28 $27.00 US Channing, This sounds like a great cause and interesting event. Happy to contribute. Let us know how it goes. -Phil    

Thank you, Phil and BackBay! I appreciate all of your support in my professional and personal endeavors!

Katherine Prewitt-Miget Aug 28 $25.00 US Go Channing!    

Merci, Katherine! Your generous donation makes this a truly global campaign -- a gift all the way from France! :)

Michael Kupferberg Aug 28 $25.00 US You go girl.     

The proper name fooled me momentarily, but then I realized that this generous donation came from none other than the renowned Zeina Smidi and Moses Love! Thank you for your kindness!

Ralph Monserrat Aug 28 $25.00 US Great cause!    

Robin, I can't believe you managed to donate amidst the TS Isaac insanity. Thank you for for your generous gift! ♥

Lynn Hays Aug 28 $10.80 US Namaste!    

Thank you, Lynn! ♥

Kristen Gambetta Aug 28 $25.00 US I love this Chan!     

Kristen, thank you for your donation! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Monday! :)

Ron Struthers Aug 28 $108.00 US Channing Good Luck with the fund raiser Ron And Cindy Struthers    

Thanks, Ron & Cindy! I'm grateful for your generous support!

Channing Rollo Aug 28 $50.00 US Cash donation from Bob Blaser, THE BLAZE! Muchas gracias, amigo. :)     
Lindsay Dorrier Aug 28 $108.00 US Great cause! Best of luck and have fun!    

Wow, thank you, sweet Lindsay! I miss you, beautiful! XOXO

Alaina Kipps Aug 28 $50.00 US Have fun with all those salutations!    

Many thanks, Dr. Spaz! Or perhaps I should say Mama Spaz? :) I'm grateful for your kindness.

Ryder Redfield Aug 28 $25.00 US Dolphin boy admires sun salutation Queen!    

Muchas gracias y abrazos, Señor Delfín!

Jeanne Vest Aug 28 $20.00 US Om!    

Thank you, Spinster Sister. I love you always!

Kevin Banks Aug 28 $10.80 US Good luck Channing!    

Thanks, Kevin! I'm grateful for your donation, especially given you're preparing for the stork's arrival!

Tony Ankar Aug 28 $54.00 US Good cause! Hope you relax and enjoy every single one :)     

Tony, I'm grateful for your generous donation to Yoga Gangsters. I'm not sure it's possible to "relax and enjoy" a four-hour "yogathon," but I'll do my best. Hope to see you the next time soccer (or some other shenanigans) brings you to Miami!

stephen mcclure Aug 28 $25.00 US     

Bat Boy, Chupacabra and I all thank you for your generous gift, Stiiv! I'M SWEATING!

James Rollo Aug 28 $108.00 US Dearest Channing, We are so proud of your commitment to serve those in the world less fortunate. You are an a light in the world. Love, Momma & Dad    

Thank you, Mom and Dad! Any light I emit is a testament to your lifelong love, guidance and nurturing -- you taught me to shine brightly! XOXO

Collin Ziemerink Aug 25 $54.00 US Impressive, when you make the 108 sun salutations.     

Collin, thank you for your generous gift. I will ask an objective third party to document (in DILO style) my execution of all 108 sun salutations -- zero unproductive hours, minimal operational delays and maximum asset utilization! :)

Channing Rollo Aug 24 $25.00 US Cash donation from Francinara Cano -- thank you, my badass Brazilian bombshell! :)    
Collin Davey Aug 24 $25.00 US     

Thank you, Collin! No matter how busy you are or what corner of the world you're in, you never miss an opportunity to be kind and supportive.

Catherine Mims Aug 23 $50.00 US proud to know you, humbled by your spirit    

Cay, you are one of the strongest, smartest women I've ever known. It is I who am humbled in your presence! Love you, sister.

Denise Moore Aug 22 $108.00 US Best of luck Channing! What a great cause.     

Denise, you generously support me in so many ways, including application of your Salesforce wizardry! Thank you for your gift to Yoga Gangsters.

Johnny-Lee Reinoso Aug 22 $108.00 US Good luck and have fun!!!     

Thank you, Johnny! I expect to see you there in your tights! I'm sure a few Red Bulls will help you survive the multi-hour practice. :)

Barbara Stoffa Aug 22 $25.00 US (Yes, I'm related to Jeff Stoffa.)    

Thank you, Jeff's Mom! I'm grateful for your donation, humbled by your own charity work, and I'll spell the alphabet for you with my body anytime! :)

Jake Wood Aug 22 $108.00 US Thank you for inspiring me. I pray that your cause unlocks the potential of countless youth. Jake     

Jake, Yoga Gangsters have touched the lives of more than 3,000 children. Thanks to your generous donation, we're just getting started! :)

Andrew Reckner Aug 22 $50.00 US Good luck - Drew Reckner    

Thank you, Drew! I'm grateful for your kindness.

gregory peacock Aug 22 $50.00 US Good luck! And thanks for helping the youth.    

I and the youth thank you, Mr. Mining! :)

Anonymous Aug 22 $50.00 US All the best Channing    
Lisa Craft Aug 22 $108.00 US I am so proud of what you are doing Chan! Congrats and good luck to you and have a successful event. :0)    

Thank you, Lisa, my fellow yogini! ♥

John Klustner Aug 22 $108.00 US Good luck!    

John, you're awesome! Thank you for your support.

Anonymous Aug 22 $108.00 US Relax and enjoy!    
alex wiener Aug 21 $25.00 US     

Thanks, Alex! You rock! :)

Sandra Cross Aug 17 $25.00 US Kudos to you Channing!    

Thank you, Sandy! So kind of you to donate!

Marianna Batie Aug 17 $108.00 US Thank you for continuing to give of your abundant love. Glad to be your friend and to support you in your noble path!    

Thank you, my beloved spinster yogini! I'm profoundly grateful for your generous donation to Yoga Gangsters. XOXO

PAMELA CRoFt Aug 17 $50.00 US You're amazing and this sounds like a great cause. Namaste, sister!    

Thank you, Dawn! Three cheers for Pine View alumni yoginis! Hip, hip, hooray!

Channing Rollo Aug 17 $11.00 US     

Cash donation from Lorena Schoenfeld -- thank you, sweetheart!

Eloise Shuff Aug 17 $108.00 US You are an inspiration, Channing!    

Wow, thank you Ellie! What a generous gift. I'm tremendously grateful.

Channing Rollo Aug 17 $108.00 US     

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


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