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Event Details

Type: Yoga Aid United Kingdom
Date: September 12th 2010
Team Norwich leaders
Location: Norwich
Description: Charity Yoga Event lead by 12 Leaders


Love yoga to sustain me and love Shiatsu, my job, When i think about some of the difficulties in Africa i can feel quite helpless, and also i love the pictures on the Yoga Africa Website, they are great. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete 108 sun salutations in 2hours whilst also supporting great causes. My aim is to raise £108, its not much.. And i 'd really appreciate anything anyone can give :) Thank you so much, love and well wishes Asher 

Donation Activity

Richard Peaver Sep 09 £10.00 Well done, Asher    
Anonymous Sep 05 £5.00 Remember to Breathe! love Andrew and Janel, Angus, Astrud and Mila    
Anonymous Sep 03 £10.00 Good Luck Asher! love Sebastiana xx    
AM Chapman Sep 02 £5.00 Lots of love from the Chapman team! x x x     
Anonymous Aug 28 £10.00 Good Luck! xxx    
Elizabeth Parker` Aug 28 £10.00 xxx Liz    
Andrea Campbell Aug 21 £2.00 See you there! Namaste.    
Doctor PM Garosi Aug 17 £5.00 I can't make it but I will be there with you with my spirit. Love Paola xx    
Anonymous Aug 17 £10.00 As you rise up and set down, In the rhythm that you will do, While you salute the Sun... I too salute to you. BIG LOVE B x    
Sara Dunseath Aug 17 £5.00 Brilliant cause... enjoy your salutations to the sun Asher... Really hope you reach and then exceed your target.... Sara and Toby    
sally burnell Aug 14 £5.00 Fantastic work, good for you x    
James Snaith Aug 10 £20.00 Good luck Asher, I hope this helps xx    
louisa turner Aug 10 £10.00 great stuff Asher.    
Anonymous Aug 10 £10.00 Hi Asher - I hope this helps!    
Kerry Kwiatkowska Aug 09 £10.00 Wishing you well Asher x    
Asher Snaith Aug 09 £5.00     

Thought i'd start me off!

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Asher Snaith
Sex Female
Country UK
About Me  

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