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Andrea Campbell

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Type: Yoga Aid United Kingdom
Date: September 12th 2010
Location: Norwich
Description: Charity Yoga Event lead by 12 Leaders


Please support me in this wonderful Challenge. The Yoga Aid Challenge is to complete a 2 hour extreme Yoga practice whilst also supporting great causes. The charity I am supporting is one of these great causes. Please support me by making a donation to this great cause and help me to make a difference with this Challenge. 

Donation Activity

Ciaran Maguire Sep 22 £10.00 Hi Andrea, wow - well done for raising so much money - and here's a little more!    
Anonymous Sep 16 £1.60 Well done, Andrea. - Sarala    
Leilai Immel Sep 12 £5.00 GO ANDREA!!! xxx    
Thomas Loudon Sep 12 £25.00 I'll be rooting for you baby!    
Anonymous Sep 12 £10.00 Go go yoga girl. - Lola DeMille    
Anonymous Sep 12 £5.00 Tree and a peacock: two bits! - Rogers of Norwich    
Anonymous Sep 12 £3.00 Live long and prosper with the yoga! =) - Jamie Fuller    
Anonymous Sep 12 £5.00 Get out of Sunday clause! - Rebecca Robinsen    
Anonymous Sep 12 £5.00 Go yoga! - Will Walmsley    
Anonymous Sep 12 £5.00 Do Frank's Bar proud! - Ella Williams    
Benjamin Loudon Sep 12 £20.00 Great Camel pose, Andrea, love bro!!!! xxx    
Leah Strudwick Sep 10 £10.00 I'm proud of you... and impressed! That's a lotta salutations! Can't wait to hear about it.    
Anonymous Sep 10 £5.00 Enjoy the day. - Bridget Ashley    
Anonymous Sep 09 £10.00 Go Andrea! - Tessa North    
Carla Henderson Sep 05 £5.00 Good on ya, mate!    
Dwight Colin Campbell Sep 02 £15.00 Good for you "!"    
Graham Stephen Aug 30 £10.00 I HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL.    
Anonymous Aug 29 £5.00     
Tara Campbell Aug 28 £5.00 Because psychological awareness and prison endurance seem like collaborative imperatives. x    
Anonymous Aug 26 £5.00 That's almost one a minute! - Sujana    
Anonymous Aug 26 £10.80 For your 108 salutations! Sadhu! Ruth Rudd    
David Potter Aug 25 £10.00 A pleasure to support you x    
Christine Caiola Aug 24 £10.00 LOVE and support from the Pates across the Pacific!     
meagan Kelln Aug 22 £10.00 I love this! Good for you :)    
Anonymous Aug 22 £5.00 Be a yoga bear. - James Wingfield    
Anonymous Aug 22 £5.00 Yo yo yoga! - Paul MacGowan    
Anonymous Aug 22 £5.00 Good luck! Fliss Kitson    
Anonymous Aug 22 £9.45 Tom Eagle    
Anonymous Aug 22 £5.00 You are the best at yoga. - Lloyd De Beer    
Bridget Loudon Aug 22 £25.00 Love and best wishes xxx    
Mr R A Castell Aug 21 £20.00 Yes Andrea. Keep it real xxx    
Michelle Balmer Aug 21 £25.00 Good for you Andrea. Enjoy the day.    
Katherine Fitzgerald Aug 21 £10.00 Good for you, Andrea! I will be thinking of you that day. A really worthy cause.    
Peter Hayes Aug 21 £10.00     
Joybelle D'Lima Aug 16 £10.00 Much love to you Andrea! x NAMASTE x    

Yoga Aid provides this service free of charge. Only bank fees are deducted from your donation to the chosen charity.


Name Andrea Campbell
Sex Female
Country UK
About Me  
I've been practising yoga for almost six years. I've wanted to participate in the yoga challenge ever since I heard about it when I walked into my first yoga class. I love yoga and the world would be a better place if we all made a little space in our lives and our hearts to pay attention to our bodies and our breath.

Top Fundraisers

Andrea Campbell £345.00
Mandy Brinkley £250.00
Louise Kitchener £135.00
Asher Snaith £132.00
Jane Lewin £129.00
Joss Guin £118.00
sara lucchetti £70.00
aleks blair £60.00
julee yew-crijns £55.00
Hayley Winter £50.00
AnnA Russell £50.00
Rachel Wright £39.00
Total Raised £1,548.00

Top Teams

Yoga Happy £324.00
Norwich leaders £227.00
The Yoga Tree, Norwich £118.00
Team Luna £105.00
Samadhi £5.00