USA  September 9, 2012


USA Charity Partners

Yoga Aid supports a small number of charities in each country, with an emphasis on local charities

Join the movement to restore, protect and maintain our river Ganga and her tributaries to their aviral (free-flowing) and nirmal (unpolluted) states. Be a part of the family and engage in meaningful dialogue, positive action and implement working solutions to the issues facing Mother Ganga.

Mission of the Ganga Action:

To restore a free-flowing and pristine Ganga, and thereby protect India's diverse culture, traditions, spirituality, physical livelihood and heritage.

To safeguard the river's natural, undisrupted flow and restore acceptable environmental flows where obstructing structures are already present.

To make the river clean enough to drink by all, which means that the river is completely separated from all liquid waste, solid waste and eventually all treated wastewater.

To provide responsible and sustainable solutions that ensure our future generations inherit the best planet we can give them.

To include all people in the common cause of restoring Ganga, regardless of their race, gender, caste, creed, economic status or nationality.

To work together and unite in our diversity in order to accomplish any goal set forth.

Yoga Across America is co-creating happier, healthier communities through the transforming benefits of yoga. We support a range of underserved communities, including: yoga for wounded warriors, yoga for high schools in underserved areas and yoga for cancer survivors.

We also provide free health and wellness programs in parks, community centers, and other areas of need. Yoga Across America is nurturing inspiration, strength and peace with Yoga for Everyone, Everywhere.

Yoga Gangsters is a Miami-based non-profit organization that empowers youth who are at-risk or in-crisis through the science and practice of yoga by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty such as limited education, addiction, violence, incarceration, teen pregnancy, HIV and more.  We offer classes at manySouth Florida locations working within the juvenile justice system, in hospitals, schools, youth centers and other non-profit organizations.

Yoga Gangsters also assists youth with career training and job placement by providing selected applicants with full scholarships to the Urban Guru Program , a 200-hour yoga teacher certification, so they may return to their communities as strong, inspirational leaders. For more info and to see our programs in action please visit

When you give to Off the Mat, Into the World, you support OTM's efforts to train leaders, foster community collaboration, and initiate local and global service projects. Using yoga as a tool for personal transformation, Off the Mat, Into the World is preparing a new wave of activists to mobilize effectively and serve sustainably.

Your donation goes to programs like the Empowered Youth Initiative, which serves to reverse the disruptive cycles facing city youth in LA and other urban centers through training and education; Global Seva Challenge, a global service project, working to battle sex trafficking in India through empowerment and rehabilitation programs; and Project Springboard, an accelerator program providing necessary funding and training to our highest level leaders, who are actively serving locally and globally through their own innovative projects and nonprofits.

AYP empowers young people in Africa's urban slums through Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, innovating a replicable model that creates jobs, improves health and develops leaders. AYP uses three fundamental aspects of yoga to create lasting change in communities: Unity, Possibility and Non-Violence. Thousands of students in Kenya and Nairobi, many of whom have been personally affected by HIV/AIDS and living on less than $2 per day have had the opportunity to develop their lives, communities and livelihoods by participating in the activities of the Africa Yoga Project. AYP teaches over 200 free outreach classes weekly, reaching over 16,000 at risk youth per month.

Wide reaching and inclusive, the project introduces young people to the balancing practice of yoga but also provides educational scholarships, job training, food stipends and health based outreach programs. Their inspiring work promotes peace, community, wellness and hope for the world's most vulnerable population - youth from urban slums.

Help Children to Read and Write! 4 Oneworld provides educational aid to disadvantaged children in Africa.

Our current project is the Kibooba Village Primary School in Uganda.

Please help 4 Oneworld provide sustainable education to the 90 orphans in Kibooba. Contributions will support teachers' salaries and income generating projects to uplift the community out out of poverty.