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On September 9 this year, yogis did something incredible. Breaking down borders in 225 locations worldwide,
yogis practiced together, sending energy across the world in a global wave of intention.

From the first event in Sydney, flying west and ending in LA at sundown, yogis collectively celebrated their call to action: to give back. From kundalini to iyengar, hip hop to kirtan and beaches to vineyards, we practiced around the world, together.

Yoga Aid thanks the thousands of yogis worldwide who have raised an incredible amount so far for charity partners. These charities will now translate these gifts into real change on the ground. Many, many people will be better off as a result of the hard work of Yoga Aid World Challengers.

There is still time to give! Donation pages are open until the 9 October. Simply select a Challenger and click donate now to support their chosen charity.

For inspiration from this incredible global event, click on the event photos below, or follow Yoga Aid on Facebook to see the wave of love that swept the world on September 9!


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Como Milan Monteriggioni (Siena) Tuscany

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chiaratravisi elenademartin valeriabonelli christianepiano ilariatoniaccini marcogaligani lisettalandoni beatricesavaris chiaraghiron angelagamba ruggeroruggeri

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Beatrice Savaris Shaktyoga club a.s.d. Ancona Chiara Ghiron Vilma Sacchi Fabio Magazzini Bikram Yoga Milano Ruggero Ruggeri angela gamba Elena De Martin cinzia fabbrizzi Lisa Marchi

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AYP empowers young people in Africa's urban slums through Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, innovating a replicable model that creates jobs, improves health and develops leaders. AYP uses three fundamental ... read more

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